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About Us.

About Us

Qmobility Pty Ltd is an Australia based, innovative mobility & rehabilitation equipment provider. With a manufacturing foundation of almost 20 years, Qmobility thrives on research & development technologies, enabling unprecedented strengths as both a manufacturer and distributor. As a growing player in the mobility equipment industry in Asia-Pacific, we build on our intelligent, in-house engineering to continuously offer quality innovation for our end users.

Our goal is to continually provide innovative and superior functional designs of mobility and rehabilitation equipment, designed to aid the elderly, the less mobile and rehabilitating users in public, private and home care environments. An example is our Q Transfer Lift, which is a smarter and safer alternative to traditional lifts/hoists systems for improved patient transfer – zero lifting required from user/carer.

Our Qmobility range extends to assistive technology products and also patented bathroom fittings and safety railings with special features designed to ensure highest levels of user safety and comfort. We excel to advance in mobility and assistive technology products, ensuring a safer and more satisfying lifestyle for all users.



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